A team approach to the COVID-19 crisis

Dear clients, friends and supporters,

This past winter, our team did an amazing job planning for 2020. We added new team members and put new systems in place. Our teamwork and strong culture continue to thrive — and because of this, we’re confident that we’ll pull through the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we face new challenges and uncertainties with the spread of the Coronavirus, we do so together. The ramifications of the virus are beginning to affect our team at Landscape America — and I have no doubt that they’re beginning to affect you as well.

These disruptions represent many unknowns, and for some, a frightening new outlook on our economy and world. As we respond to these changes to our society, we do so cautiously. We also do so with a sense of responsibility to protect you, the rest of our clients, our business and our families as we continue to work.

An optimistic outlook

As a company, we’re choosing to take as optimistic an outlook as possible. We’re committed to responding to changes as best we can, by facing challenges head-on, innovating our processes and adapting accordingly.

What does all of this mean for you? As spring begins and the landscape season starts, you can expect the same outstanding experience you’ve come to know us for — along with some additional precautions.

  • You can still reach us. — The availability of our team members and crews won’t be affected by the pandemic. A small number of us are still working in our Wrentham office, which we’ve closed to the public, with the remainder available by email and phone.
  • Keeping our distance during property visits. — We're taking extra precautions during property visits, including not approaching doors or ringing doorbells, and keeping at least six feet between you and any of our team members. Physical contact will be avoided, and if you ask us to stop work for any reason, we’re happy to do so.
  • Implementing new health & safety measures. — In addition to maintaining a six-foot distance, we’re also sanitizing all door handles, surfaces and light-switches in our office. We’ve implemented a morning truck-cleaning procedure that gives special attention to handles, steering wheels and seat belts. All team members are washing hands and using sanitizer frequently throughout the day. We've also asked some of our crew members to drive their own vehicles to prevent large groups from gathering. Since we work outside and don’t need to gather in offices, our crews pose a low risk of spreading the virus while working.
  • Telling staff to stay home if they need to. — If our team members experience coughing, fever or flu-like symptoms, they’ll avoid the workplace, stay home and self-quarantine for two weeks. This measure is for your safety as well as ours.

We’re still looking forward to 2020

In short, we’re still going to be here to support you — ready to serve! And we look forward to doing so this coming year.

The late winter has been warm, and we've been able to have an early start to the season. We consider the work you allow us to do every day a privilege — and we believe that spending time outdoors is one of the healthiest things we can be doing while this crisis unfolds.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please feel free to contact your account manager.


Doug McDuff
President, Landscape America