April Showers Bring May Flowers

What beautiful flowers have we seen emerge this month?

This is it. We’ve worked all March and April for this! That pivotal moment when we finally see the team’s hard work pay off, and our Spring blooms hit their stride. While this was all part of a well thought through design plan, the end result feels simple, beautiful, and seamless.

We’ll be honest, there’s no feeling like going back to a client’s property and seeing their vibrant landscape popping. Even though I do this every day, I still love going for a walk around the neighborhood to see new flowers, pretty colors, and the smell of freshly mowed lawns.

Creating and maintaining a beautiful, seasonal landscape takes proper planning and care. Many times, we plan for Spring landscapes in the Fall, and vice versa.

So, what is in bloom right now? Is there truth behind the saying that April showers really bring on these May flowers? Continue on below to learn more!

Flowers in Bloom


Tulips are extremely colorful flowers that thrive in the New England Spring. We plant bulbs in the fall in soil that drains well and is never soggy. Tulips stay in the ground throughout the winter and bloom in early Spring. They are known for being among the easiest flowers to grow and care for. Tulips are versatile and can thrive in varying light conditions. Other flowers that bloom alongside tulips are daffodils and crocuses!


Lilacs are known for their purple color and strong fragrance. They grow in a bush and typically bloom in the late weeks of April. You will find lilacs blooming in purple, pink, white, and yellow. Lilac bushes can benefit from moist soil and one application of fertilizer in the spring if the soil is low in nitrogen.


Allium are large flowers that grow tall on a single stem and bloom in late May / early June. They require full sunlight to partial shade and thrive in dry to medium moisture and well draining soil. You can find these flowers in shades of purple and pink.


Peonies blossom in late spring into early summer. They produce large single flowers in color from white to lilac, violet, and red. Peonies are great flowers to add to your landscape because they require cold winters for bud formation. In the spring and summer when they are blooming they prefer full sun and well-drained soil. After these flowers bloom, their bright green leaves stay green throughout the summer making them the perfect addition to the exterior of your home.

Lifecycle Over Summer and Fall

Flower species have varying life cycles. There are two main ways to categorize different flower species, perennials and annuals. Perennials regrow yearly in springtime while annuals live for one season then die off. Perennial flowers tend to have shorter blooming periods, so it is common for landscapers to use a combination of both. The flower examples given above cycle from blooming in early spring to the beginning of fall. Tulips are usually the first to bloom when spring begins with moderate rainfall, longer days, and warmer temperatures. The blooming cycle for flowers depends on their need for sunlight, water, and temperature. Tulips are usually the first flowers to bloom because they thrive off the longer warmer days and moderate rainfall to activate their bulbs. While mums are known as “short day plants” where their flowering is sparked by the shorter days later in the summer and early fall.

The Importance of a Seasonal Planting Plan

Seasonal planting can be overwhelming. It is extremely difficult to keep track of which flowers bloom when - not to mention the upkeep of weeding and watering. Bringing on a professional team to design, plant, and maintain your flower gardens will not only ensure your yard is in bloom all summer and fall, but it will also save you the time and stress of keeping up with it yourself.

Is there truth behind the April Showers saying?

The short answer is YES! April kicks off Spring and brings Winter to an end with longer, warmer days. The precipitation from the sky turns from snow to rain which activates the soil and kickstarts the perennial bulb growth process. However, the flowers that bloom in early Spring are often not that of a result of rainfall from the previous month. In fact, if it rains too much in early Spring it could have a negative effect on the health of the bulbs. The temperature shift in spring has a lot to do with the blooming flowers. In some instances where a “false Spring” occurs, the flowers can bloom too early and might not survive.

Flowers are a beautiful way to make your home stand out in your neighborhood. However, there are endless possibilities for flower garden combinations. Leave it to us to help you navigate planning your garden to look beautiful all summer long.

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