Caring for your neighbors

Caring for your neighors

In pop culture, neighbors get a bit of a bad rap. Sometimes neighbors are wacky, from Ed Norton in The Honeymooners to Kramer on Seinfeld. Sometimes they’re comedic enemies, like in the recent Neighbors movies. Sometimes they’re snooping on you, like in Alfred Hitchcock’s classic Rear Window. And sometimes they’re downright dangerous – also in Rear Window, plus everything from Rosemary’s Baby to Toy Story.

But what about the good neighbors? They’re out there too. Think Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. We like to think we’re one of them.

When we come to work on a landscaping job at your house, we think of your neighbors as our neighbors too, and we do everything we can to be considerate toward them. It’s not just about being good for business (after all, if your neighbors like us and what we do for you, they might hire us as well), but simply about being good to your fellow human beings.

Here’s our three-point “good neighbor plan”:

  1. Always communicate: Before we start work on your place, we’ll let your neighbors know what we’re doing and when we’re doing it. We’ll also give them our contact information so they can let us know if they have any issues with our work and the impact it may have on their lives.
  2. Keep it clean: We wouldn’t be a landscaping company if there wasn’t dust, dirt and trimmings in our wake. But, again, we keep it all to a minimum. We’ll try to contain the dust and we’ll clean up all the dirt, trimmings, and anything else before we leave every day. You could also say “keeping it clean” applies to our language…
  3. Keep it quiet: In landscaping, sometimes we have to use tools and machines that get a little on the noisy side. But we do our best to keep unfriendly noises to a minimum – and that includes swearing, which we avoid.

So, while we can’t guarantee there are no wacky Kramer types on our staff – we do like to have fun – we can 100% promise that we’ll be good neighbors to your neighbors. Like Mister Rogers said, every day with Landscape America is “a beautiful day for a neighbor.”