How landscaping can improve your bottom line

First impressions count. How many of you remember the first time you saw your husband or wife? How about when you first encountered a massive, impressive building, like some of the classic buildings at Harvard University? What about the first time you experienced a breathtaking natural view, like a horizon of mountains or a panoramic view of the ocean? Whenever I think of first impressions, I think of the first time I saw the Atlantic shoreline with Cape Cod stretching out along its banks.

First impressions matter just as much when it comes to the landscaping on your property. When a client or potential customer arrives at your place of business for a consultation, meeting or to buy something, the first thing they’re going look at and notice is the exterior of your building. The same goes for commercial residential complexes. How a property looks will determine a guest’s course of action. If your property isn’t inviting, groomed and clean, your customers and clients may not give you the time of day. Your residents might not want to keep on living on a property, or be embarrassed to host people.

Curb appeal is real, especially when it comes to managing a property or owning a business. There are a wide variety of reasons that determine how your property will be perceived by the general public:

  • A well-kept and landscaped property attracts more clients and customers: Studies show that customers are more likely to frequent a place of business when trees, flowers and shrubs are planted out front. The same goes for a townhomes and condominiums — residents will be more likely to stay, and renters will be more like to pay rent (and not move on) if a property looks nice and welcoming.
  • Stand out from the competition, or be remembered by guests: Whether or not you’re a place of business or a condo complex, you’ll want to live in the memories of your guests as a beautiful place. A clean landscape can do wonders for sticking out in a customer’s or guest’s mind — in a good way. A unique landscape design that naturally draws people towards entrances, or even to look at your signage, will increase business and improve guest’s moods.
  • Increase property value: When a property looks good, its value goes up.Washington Post has reported the number 150 percent when it comes to return on investment on landscaping services when selling a home. While this is a bit of an outrageous ROI figure to apply to commercial properties, the principle is the same — how a property looks from the street will increase its value to potential buyers.
  • Improve the health and happiness of employees and guests: If there’s a good reason to invest in commercial landscaping services and maintenance, it’s to help improve the health and happiness of employees and guests. People just feel happier in beautiful natural environments. Studies show that nature and green spaces have the ability to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve attention and memory, and improve quality of life. What more reason do you need?

In the end, a property should keep people coming back, and landscaping is one of the best ways to do just that. While it’s clear that first impressions matter, so does the landscaping firm your choose to work with. At Landscape America, we’re equipped to take on the landscaping needs of any type of commercial property in Southeastern Massachusetts — including yours!