How our insurance policies protect you

Accidents happen. And when you constantly have contractors working on your property, it’s crucial to make sure they’re well-insured.

While having insurance policies in place is not a requirement to do business in Massachusetts, any lawyer or successful business owner will tell you that it's absolutely essential.

At Landscape America, we couldn’t agree more. Without our insurance, we wouldn’t be able to do our best work. Insurance protects both our company and you, our valued clients — taking the guesswork out of our job.

In this post, we’ll show you why insurance is so important… and quickly run through the insurance policies we have in place.

The benefits of a well-insured landscaper

There are three major benefits I like to focus on. Here’s what you’ll experience when you work with an insured landscaper…

  • Peace of mind — This is an obvious but critical benefit that is hard to quantify. Working with Landscape America — or another insured landscaping firm — can give you the confidence of knowing that if something ever happened (like a small rock cracking a window, or a truck bumping into a parked car), you’ll be protected.
  • Protection in lawsuits — Premises liability claims can be an absolute hassle, draining your time and resources if a lawsuit occurs. For instance, one of the most common accidents is a “slip & fall” injury, where someone hurts themselves while on your property. An insured landscaping company can potentially protect you when this occurs.
  • A relationship with a reputable company — The higher the liability coverage’s financial value, the better a landscaping firm’s reputation is. It’s difficult to acquire large sums of liability right out of the gate. Many firms need to work their way up after years of excellent work and proof of a safe track record. At Landscape America, our liability coverage is $1 million.

Our insurance policies

At Landscape America, we have a variety of policies in place to mitigate risk on your property. These include…

  • General liability — Covers third-party claims for bodily injury or property damage.
  • Commercial property — Covers all of our owned assets, such as our buildings or equipment.
  • Workers compensation — In the unlikely event that an employee is injured on the job (you can read our health & safety policies here), this policy covers their medical bills and wage replacement.
  • Vehicle insurance — Covers any damages or lawsuits that arise from accidents or collisions involving any of our business vehicles.
  • Inland marine — Covers the equipment, tools or supplies that are in transit from shop to job-site… and any accidents that might result from them.

As you can see, we’re covered over and above the requirements, with the goal of preventing any and all accidents from happening on your property. If you’d like to work with a well-insured landscaping firm, give us a call. We’ll be sure to cover our insurance policies with you before you sign any contracts.