Our passion for nature

Children Playing

We couldn’t do what we do — as well as we do it — if we didn’t love it. Don’t tell our wives, but my brother Andy and I really do have a love affair with the outdoors.

We definitely come by it honestly, though. It runs in the family. We get our passion for the outdoors from our grandfather and uncle. As kids, we’d help them with projects in the yard, but our uncle would also take us deep into the heart of nature. He’d take us hiking and camping, pointing out different kinds of trees, teaching us which berries were delicious treats and which would tie our stomachs in knots, and explaining which weeds were friendly and which would send us into fits of itchiness. We learned how to pitch tents and fish. We loved every minute of it: the sights, the sounds, the smells, working with our hands and learning to respect our natural surroundings. We felt free out there. Still do. You can clear your mind and relax, away from the stress of everyday life.

Even at home, we were outside all the time: playing sports, shooting BB guns at far-off targets (yes, our parents said we’d shoot our eyes out, but we never did) and even building tree houses.

Over the years, I started to look at nature a little more deeply. When hiking through the woods, I’d savor observing how the natural landscape exists, how certain trees grow in certain environments, and what plants will grow in deep shade compared to which ones thrive in wet conditions. I get such a charge out of thinking about how and why natural landscapes look the way they do.

I’m so proud to say that our passion is echoed in the people we’ve hired to make Landscape America what it is today. We all love working with nature, from stone to soils to plants and turf, to shape our customers’ properties, creating beautiful outdoor spaces for them to enjoy. To be honest, we also love the cool toys we get to use to make our visions a reality. Plus, we get to work on some of the most beautiful properties in Southeast Massachusetts.

Every time we take on a project, our goal is to help our customers feel the way we felt as kids, and still feel today when we’re enjoying nature: free and relaxed.