Water-saving tips for your commercial property

Water is a necessity, and it’s the lifeblood of a beautiful landscape. But with water costs continuously on the rise, who doesn’t want to save a little water?

You might be surprised to hear it, but there’s a lot you can do to save water. Here are some practical ways to save water on your property.

Install a smart irrigation controller

When it comes to how water is used on your property, it should be effective, efficient and systematic. This starts with having a “smart” irrigation controller. Quite frankly, a controller controls how water is distributed across your landscape. But a smart controller can, however slightly, think for itself. It does this by adjusting how much water is being used across a landscape according to real time updates of local weather conditions. If it’s raining, less water will be used. If it’s hot and humid, more water will be used! Ask us if you’d like to learn more about them.

Use a properly designed and maintained irrigation system

An irrigation system is most effective when it’s properly laid out and well designed.

  • Correct irrigation zoning: A good irrigation system takes into account the mini ecosystem that each landscape on your property contains. There should be separate zones to meet the unique needs of grass, shrubs and flowers.
  • Landscape irrigation audits: Before getting any irrigation work done on your property, have a landscape audit performed. We can help determine if zones need to be turned off due to mature plant life, or if new ones need to be activated. Leaks are another source of water waste — according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, a single 1/32” diameter hole in a hose, emitter or faucet can amount to more than 6,000 gallons of water waste in a year! Just imagine how that could affect your water bill.
  • Choosing the right system: Drip irrigation systems, an alternative to standard sprinkler irrigation, have a 90 percent efficiency rate and use a lower volume of water. Drip tapes and hoses are laid out directly on top of the soil in gardens, meaning that water doesn’t get lost in the leaves and petals of plants. We highly recommend these!
  • Professional programming: Whether you’re updating or retrofitting your current system, or installing a new system, you should be sure that a professional is behind it. We have up-to-date information on the best emitters, controllers, and how best to use irrigation to your property’s advantage.
  • Routine, preventative maintenance: Proactive and regular maintenance is key to keeping your property’s turf and gardens health and lush. Whether it’s a small leak, an unresponsive controller, a broken rotor or spray head, or a damaged drip emitter, there are a lot of variables that cause a system to run incorrectly. At Landscape America, we can perform routine maintenance checks to make sure everything is in running order — and we’ll quickly notice when something is off.

In the end, one of the of the easiest ways for you to save your property money is through a properly designed, professionally programmed, and regularly maintained irrigation system. ROI for a new or updated system is usually seen in only a few years! Landscape America’s certified irrigation professionals can assess your current system and help you find out how much you could be saving. Just give us a call!