What our five core values mean for your experience

What makes a team work together as best as they can?

Having a clear, shared mission that everyone on the team can get behind. Having a vision statement that paints a picture of what life looks like when we succeed in our mission. And lastly, having a set of core values that keep everyone aligned — so that each person can do their best work.

Last year, we sat down as a team to collaborate and finalize our core values. Find out what they are — and how they affect how we work on your property — below!

What are core values?

First, let’s clarify what exactly core values are.

To us, core values are statements that align — and define — our company, team and brand. They also attract the right people to our team, helping our leadership determine who we hire.

These statements are crucial behaviors that guide us as we work on your property, day in and day out. They shape our company culture.

And that’s why we believe they matter. Not only do they make our company a good place to work and build a career — They also ensure that everything we do for you as a customer is always done to a high standard.

Landscape America’s core values — and what they mean for you

In 2019, we worked with our leadership coach, Dan Foley, to navigate the process of sharpening our core values. Dan facilitated three team meetings with 8–10 employees, ranging from owners to managers and field staff.

In each meeting, we came up with a list of values that we deemed important, eventually narrowing them down to the list of five focused core values we have today.

1. Be Professional and Safe

Our first value is first for a reason — safety always comes first. We’ve written about it before, and following safe work practices has come to define our company over the years.

Beyond our actions, how we look and act is tantamount to our professionalism. Expect clean trucks, uniformed staff and courteous crews whenever we’re around. Which leads us to our next value…

2. Be Positive and Helpful

A positive attitude can work wonders — and literally make working wonderful. Staying positive as we tackle challenges and solve problems makes getting out of bed in the morning that much easier.

The idea here is that everything we’re doing isn’t really about us — it’s about helping you, our customers! You’ll find our crews are always willing to lend a helping hand and go the extra mile.

3. Stay Focused and Grow

We don’t back down from a challenge! Part of what defines our team is a determination to finish the job when the going gets tough.

We’re passionate about growth. We want to grow our business, of course, but what we really want to do is make a meaningful impact on our industry, leaving a legacy of happy customers and a new standard for best practices.

And that requires us to take it upon ourselves to create a place of meaningful employment for our employees. We want to help everyone on our team to find themselves at home in the landscape profession. That’s why we have opportunities to grow professionally and personally with our career paths. Check them out on our careers page.

4. Deliver on Promises

We love working outdoors, working in the landscape and we love building things. But we are also keenly aware that building and maintaining beautiful spaces is only part of a great customer experience.

Passion and beauty can be eclipsed by cut corners, delayed schedules, and cost overruns. There’s no excuse for a poorly run project. And when it comes to maintenance — there’s nothing worse than your contractor failing to show up.

Delivering on our promises — which means clear communication and consistent results — are one of our core values for obvious reasons. We want to prevent any confusion with understandable contracts that leave nothing to chance. And if you ever have questions, we’re just a phone call away.

We’ll be there when we say we’ll be there. And you can count on us to do what we said we were going to do.

5. Work Hard as a Team to Win

All of our values wouldn’t mean anything without this one! We’re a team, and to us, that’s the most important part of the job.

Everyone has a role to play in our success, from our sales staff to project managers, builders, maintenance crews and snow shovelers.

This value is also why we moved to Open-Book Management — so that our whole team can think and act like owners.

Ready to choose a professional landscape firm?

At Landscape America, we believe that hard work should pay off and that we work for more than just ourselves — we work to serve our clients as best as we possibly can. That’s why we developed these core values, and it’s why we think you should know about them.

Interested in partnering with us? Get in touch with our sales team — we’d love to hear from you!