Why you should consider snow removal & relocation

As a property manager, it’s your job to mitigate risk. But keeping your property safe and clear in the wintertime isn’t always as simple as it looks. Cleared snow has to go somewhere, and often it ends up in unsightly piles throughout your property.

Many accept that snow piles are bound to end up on their property during the wintertime. But they don’t have to.

There is a subtle — yet major — difference between snow management and snow removal. Snow removal involves moving plowed and cleared snow to a different location — one that’s typically off-site. Certain properties greatly benefit from this. Here’s why.

Three Reasons Snow Piles Should Be Moved

Snow removal is a safer, more practical option. Many large snow piles contain hidden dangers that cause injuries (and sometimes claims lives) every year. This is because:

  • They’re not safe for kids — Although they may look sturdy and harmless, snow piles frequently have softer spots or pockets of air which can turn into sinkholes. Some children will see these piles and think they look fun to play in. But they can fall in, and in doing so cause the pile to collapse. You might think this situation sounds unlikely, but if a child is trapped in a snow pile they can suffocate or contract hypothermia from the cold — so it’s best to be cautious!
  • Their placement can become a hazard — Where snow is stored can have a drastic effect on your property’s safety. If it’s piled up near fire hydrants, accessible parking spots or major intersections, it can quickly become a hazard. In high-volume traffic areas, the piles can become an obstacle — preventing drivers from seeing pedestrians or other drivers and potentially causing an accident. Depending on where the snow is, it’s also possible that EMS vehicles may not be able to access certain areas of your building during an emergency scenario.
  • When they melt, they often refreeze — When the sun starts to peek through the clouds once again in March or April, these massive piles will begin to melt. When the temperature hovers around the freezing point, much of this melted snow will freeze over again, leading to dangerous conditions.

Consider Relocating Your Snow to a Different Spot

The snow you clear from your property needs to go somewhere. If you choose to pile it on your property, ensure that your contractor has planned where these piles will lay. Strategic placement will prevent hazards and hidden dangers that can come with them.

Poorly planned snow & ice management strategies can create piles that block visibility, take up valuable parking space, or create potential problems when the snow starts to melt.

At Landscape America, we offer snow relocation services as part of our snow & ice management packages. With a large fleet of equipment and multiple dumping locations, we offer competitive rates. Plus, your residents or customers will thank you — your property will be much safer and look cleaner. Want to hear more about our services? Call us today.