Why you shouldn’t wait to hire a snow management contractor

The savviest property manager is thinking about winter long before it arrives. Even in the dead heat of summer, the next cold New England winter is just around the corner.

At first glance, it might appear that snow and ice management is a one-size-fits-all task. It isn’t. It requires strategic planning and preparation to be done well. Here’s our list of four reasons why you shouldn’t wait to hire a snow removal contractor.

The benefits of early planning for snow removal

By mid-summer, our team is already looking forward to winter. This is the best time to sit down with us to discuss a snow and ice management plan for your property. There are some major benefits to meeting with us sooner rather than later:

  • Set goals by crafting a strategy — When we meet, we’ll be able to review goals for your property. If you’re a returning customer, we can discuss what worked and what didn’t work. If you’re new, we can evaluate your site and how best to manage the snow and ice that’s bound to come. For some, this may mean moving snow off-site. For others, we’re able to identify areas where snow piles can be stored. Either way, it’s crucial for us to take stock of your property while the weather’s nice.
  • Prevent extra fees and overages — When it comes to commercial landscaping, budgeting is crucial (We wrote a post on it last year.). With an early, preseason meeting, we can set realistic budget targets for the upcoming winter — and you can choose between our contract options. (Read more on those here.)
  • Secure the proper equipment — Certain sites require specific equipment to fit the needs of the customer and property. As the season gets closer, equipment inventories get lower as snow contractors secure this equipment for their properties. Early planning and executing contracts will allow us to secure the best equipment for your property and needs.
  • Build a good working relationship — We highly value the relationship we have with you. How we plan for the year — proactively and professionally — should mirror how we communicate in our working relationship with you. It will set the tone for the upcoming season. We absolutely don’t want to be last minute in any form of communication with you.

Having a snow and ice management contract is an absolute must for commercial properties. Your contract will clearly define the relationship and partnership you have with us. The best time to sign up for next winter is early spring. You can even sign up for next winter before winter is over. The sooner the better — we offer better rates for early sign-ons!

Whether you’d like to find out more about our services, get in touch with us as soon as you can. It will help you think proactively and ensure that you keep your property safe all winter long.