Production Manager

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Job Purpose:

The purpose of this job is to help the company grow and make a profit by…

  • Promoting a safe work environment
  • Helping in the development of standard operating procedures
  • Training team members on company procedures
  • Scheduling/planning
  • Retention
  • Quality control
  • Praticipate in Open Book Management
  • Snow Area Manager

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

Promoting a safe work environment

  • Demonstrate safety at all times
  • Help train safety procedures
  • Enforce disciplinary measures when safe practices are not followed

Helping in the development of standard operating procedures to maximize efficiencies

  • Help find and drive out waste
  • Add input from your past experiences to the Landscape America team
  • Monitor and adjust routes or job site activities to maximize gross margin dollars
  • Help write SOP's
  • Help to update any changes in current SOP's

Training team members on company procedures

  • Help in ongoing onsite training for your team
  • Run selected companywide training topics a few times per year
  • Help enforce SOP's through proper training
  • Help develop training materials for topics that we don't have covered already


  • Plan out and schedule your team members time
  • Follow company policies to procure materials, subs, and some tools
  • Coordinate with vendors for onsite deliveries, etc
  • Communicate the plan back to the sales team
  • Monitor hours bid versus actual hours and make adjustments/coach team


  • Lead by example – live our core values
  • Enforce disciplinary measures when policies aren’t followed
  • Have regular meetings to discuss individuals progress throughout the season
  • Hold wage reviews once a year for your team members
  • Help team members on their career paths
  • Set your team up for success

Quality Control

  • Check on crews work while its happening as well as after
  • Arrange repairs for any damage from your teams
  • Help account managers resolve any issues that aise from work performed
  • Help hold employees accountable to our SOP's

Participate in Open Book Management

  • Attend our OBM Meeting at least once per year
  • Be engaged in our weekly updates and ask questions
  • Help the team WIN

Snow Area Manager

  • Manage your snow area
  • Watch weather and cue your team up before and after a storm
  • Oversee all production tasks for your team including scheduling, quality control, and approval of timesheets. This includes service partners for your area as well.
  • Preseason staking video recordings, etc.
  • Post season fixes, clean up, etc.

Success Measures

  • Fully staffed team of employees
  • Jobs being done on time and at appropriate gross margins
  • Timely resolutions to issues that arise from your team
  • Continuous improvements to SOP's and team culture

Compensation Package:

  • Company phone
  • Company vehicle
  • Company Uniform
  • 5 PTO days, 1 additional day accrued each year of employment
  • 5 MA Sick Days
  • 7 Paid Holidays
  • Simple IRA with 3 % Match (eligible after 1 year)
  • Health Plan — company pays 60% (eligible after 90 days)
  • Open Book Management — Bonus based on Gross Profit goals for company

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