Shine a light on safety.

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Give a warm welcome to all.

When tenants or guests arrive in the dark, properly lit properties mean they’ll be warmly welcomed. A well-installed and maintained lighting system increases the sense of hospitality on your property.

Lower your risk of crime and vandalism.

Studies show that well-lit properties have a lower risk of damage or loss from vandalism or crime. Allow us to design and think through the placement of lights on your property — allowing people to roam freely and safely on your property, no matter the time of day.

Enjoy proactive monitoring and regular servicing.

Your property deserves to be viewed in the best light possible. Regular servicing from Landscape America means we’ll discover and fix issues before they become recurring problems. No more burnt-out bulbs or broken fixtures.

  • Landscape lighting
  • Lighting system design & installation
  • Monitoring & servicing of systems
  • Upgrades & component replacement

Need a lighting system that’s safe and regularly serviced?

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