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Ensure proactive care for all of your trees.

Many property managers take a set-and-forget approach to tree care. While it’s mostly true that trees require little maintenance, they do need regular inspection and pruning. Exceptional tree care requires knowledge and experience — so it’s best left to the experts.

Plan for regular inspections and health diagnoses.

Bare limbs, patches of bark missing or cracks in the trunk can indicate disease in trees. Whether it’s from pests, insects or fungus, a yearly tree inspection can stop diseases dead in their tracks — keeping your trees healthy for decades to come!

Put your trees in professional hands.

Giving your trees the best, most strategic care possible with Landscape America. Our crews have everything covered — pruning to allow fresh growth and prevent disease alongside pest management and tree removal (from certified arborists) when they reach the end of their lives.

Get access to...

  • Tree planting
  • Ornamental & shade tree pruning
  • Insect & pest control
  • Plant & tree inventory
  • Tree health diagnosis & removals

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